If I could describe myself in one sentence it would be “50% developer, 50% product designer and a little bit of entrepreneur.”

Almost 10 years ago I started teaching myself Ruby on Rails and a year later I started learning about front-end development. At some point I was able to call myself a full stack web developer. However since I was a kid, my dream was always to become a product designer. That’s why a few years later I took the leap and switched to product design.

On June 2020 I too the leap of faith and decided to chase my dream as independent product maker (aka IndieHacker). I quit my full-time job from TicketSwap, a marketplace with more than 5million users. I worked there as the Design Lead. I was responsible for everything from the design process down to the actual designs we would ship. Before TicketSwap I had my own design studio, Befoolish, and I was responsible for everything around development.

Having been in both sides, a web developer and a product designer, I have seen in detail what it takes to learn product design when you come from a technical background.

My goal with these courses is to teach other developers about product design in a simple fun way. No boring 50mins videos, no complex terminology and no academic bullshit. Just practical tips you can use on your day-to-day job or your products.

Why bother?

You are a developer. You love problem solving. You love research. You love system architecture. You love modularity. 

UX design is about all these in the design world of digital products. It’s about talking with users, solving real problems, doing lots of research and creating a scalable solution that will serve all these. Learning how to UX is a life-chasing experience.

  • If you are full-time developer working for a company, UX will differentiate you from the rest of the market and will significantly increase your value. (More details)
  • If you are an indie maker working on your own products, UX will set you free. You will be able to create high-quality products and will know how to approach and test your products with your users.

The courses

Every month I will send you by e-mail one or more 5-minute free UX courses where I will teach you one specific topic at a time. Alongside with that I will create paid courses focused on specific use-cases that you may be interested.

If you have any suggestion or request for a specific course, feel free to email me at jimzarkadas@hey.com 🙂